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Terms and Conditions

The usage of this site will be considered agreement to our terms. If you do not agree to these terms, do not order from this site.


We currently only accept credit/debit cards. Orders below a total of $10 have a $0.30 fee. If you do not have such a card or prefer to pay in cash, place the items in your shopping cart and then you can pay in person to get them ordered. Note: all payments must be made before the items will be ordered. Online orders are currently limited to a subtotal of $500 (if tax puts you over, it'll go through). If you need to order beyond that for a single shipment period (one week): order in person.


We do not ship anything to your house upon purchase. All purchases on this site are to be picked up by you at our business. If you purchase a large and/or heavy item, you must have the means to move and transport it.

Estimated Arrival

We only receive one shipment per week. If your order is before a Monday, you can expect its arrival some time on Wednesday of the same week. Any order placed on Monday or later will likely not arrive until the Wednesday of the following week. Orders can be placed at any time on any day, but the actual arrival of an order will always be on a Wednesday (unless otherwise specified).

Pick Up

All items must be picked up at our store. Only people that have been added to your approved list may pick up your order for you. Upon pick up, you will need to provide the name of the person that ordered it and provide your driver's license/ID to confirm identity. You do not have to show ID if you disable that in your settings. If disabled, you are liable if someone unintended picks up your order. You will need to sign for your order. It is appreciated if you pick up your order as soon as possible. If it is a perishable item and you do not pick it up before it expires/goes bad, that is on you. You can check the status of your items at any time on the invoicing page.

Item Availability

Items are not guaranteed to arrive on time. All purchases are pre-sales and are subject to our supplier's stock availability. If an item is not available by the expected arrival date, you can choose to wait until the next week or cancel that item.

Item Restrictions

Some items must be ordered in store, either due to being high value, oversized or for other reasons.

Item Price

Prices from our supplier can vary randomly and frequently without notice, which can make it difficult to always have the most up to date prices. Prices are not guaranteed and are frequently changing on this site. Even after an order is received, the price we expect to be paying and the current price are compared. If the difference is too large, we will notify you of the price adjustment and allow you to choose whether you still wish to order the item. This is rarely necessary, but we reserve the right to cancel an item/order.

Item Bulk

Some items can only be bought in bulk, while others give a discount per unit if bought in bulk. If you ordered a bulk item and one or more of the items are damaged, the damaged items can be returned for a refund of that portion. If the majority of them were damaged, we can reorder for you. On some bulk items, we cannot reorder only a small portion without reordering the full amount.

Item Quantity Discount

If an item is non-bulk but you received a discount for ordering multiple and one (or more) come in damaged (as noticed by us), we will reorder the damaged quantity. If you wish to cancel the replacement, the current order will be adjusted to reflect the lesser quantity and the discount will not be removed. However, if you get it home and notice one is damaged, and do not want a replacement ordered, the order will be adjusted to reflect the lesser quantity and the discount will be removed. The discount is also removed if returning a portion of non-damaged quantity discounted items.

Item Information

We strive to ensure the information on each item is correct, but sometimes the quantities/weights of items are conflicting and we do not have a definitive source until the product actually arrives. The amount of variance is low and it is not grounds for return. If you happen to order an item with an incorrect weight, we will change the website to reflect it. The prices of items are not based on the weight, but rather their cost; an incorrectly stated weight does not change how much we pay for an item and thus there is not a price reduction.

Item Color/Shape & Image

Some items have a specified color in their description and should arrive that color. Most items do not and we have no control over the color. Toys can vary in color and shape. Some of the images are just one of the possibilities, due to several shapes sharing the same UPC. If you wish to return an item due to its color/shape, the standard restocking fee will apply. The images are as accurate as possible, but you are not guaranteed to receive every item in an image. If an image says there is a quantity of 10, but the item name itself does not end in "(10)", assume that you are not receiving the number in the image.


If an item comes in damaged (as noticed by us), you will have the option to cancel a reorder and be refunded for that item. If you take an item home and it is defective or the defect does not become apparent until several days later, we will order a replacement and make an exchange. If an item has already been ordered (by us) and is in transit or if you take the item home and then decide you do not want it: if the item is unopened, there is a 25% restocking fee. This percentage is based on the item's listed price. Credits used on purchase will not reduce the restocking fee. If an item has been opened/used, it can not be returned. Aquariums/Terrariums are never returnable.


If an item is not available/damaged on arrival, you will be notified and given the option to cancel (until the following Sunday) the order. If by that time you have not expressed any desire to have the order cancelled, then we will reorder the item with the assumption that you will pick it up. If you did not make it apparent to cancel the order and it has arrived, it is subject to the aforementioned return terms.

Store Stock

If an item is not available/damaged on arrival and we have that item in stock: you are not entitled to the item on the shelf for the online price. All online orders are placed with the acknowledgement that there could be an inconvenience. Foods are a partial exception: if you have ordered food(s) and we do have that particular food in stock, we will attempt to fill the order up to one of each type of food ordered. If you ordered one or five bags of food, you are still limited to one of that type of food. If you choose to purchase more/all food (or any other item) we have on the shelf for regular price and cancel the order before it is in transit, that is perfectly acceptable. However, if you purchase an item off of the shelf (or elsewhere), go through with ordering it from us via this site and then attempt to return either (from a store or site): at our discretion, we may deny the return.

Promo Codes

Promo codes offer discounts that can be used by any customer, assuming all conditions are met. Some items are permanently exempt from promos.


Coupons are specific to each customer. They are delivered in batches: at the start of the month and on the 16th. Each batch of coupons expires when the next batch is ready. As you progress to higher tiers, you will receive more and higher value coupons. Coupons cannot be transferred, used in store or used past expiration. If a coupon is in your cart but it expires, it will be automatically removed. On returns, the value of the coupon is taken into account.


For information on auctions, please visit the auction rules page.

Price Matching

In the event that an online retailer is priced far lower than our online price for an item, it is likely due to that supplier paying far less than we have for an item. Items such as those we cannot price match. If an item is similarly priced, you can contact us with a link to their listing and we can try to match it. Our in-store price matching policy is shown here.

Tax Rate

We have a single store location that is located in a 6.75% tax area. As all purchases must be picked up from our location, regardless of your billing address, you are charged our tax rate.


You will receive a credit of 5% of their purchase every time someone you have referred purchases something. Your current available credit is automatically applied during checkout. If you do not see a credit shown, then you currently do not have a credit.

In-store Membership

This website is entirely separate from our in-store membership.


Using the Facebook login to join the website is a confirmation to abide by the same terms as the normal registration.


All links to Amazon are provided for your convenience. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the Amazon listings. Many Amazon listings suggest they are the entire pack, but many reviews indicate that only one is actually sent.


Scenario Explanation Fee
Cancel If you cancel an order before we have ordered the item, there is not a fee. 0%
Cancel If the item is damaged on arrival (as noticed by us) or the item does not arrive on the specified date, you can cancel that item without a fee. 0%
Cancel After we have ordered the item, an order cannot be cancelled. However, you have the option of choosing the "return" option. N/A
Return If you notice the item is damaged after getting it home or using it for a few days, we will reorder and exchange them. 0%
Return If you ordered a bulk item and one or more of the items are damaged (as noticed by us), the damaged items can be returned for a refund of that portion. If the majority of them were damaged, we can reorder for you. We cannot reorder only a portion of a bulk item. 0%
Return If, for whatever reason, you decide you do not want the item (assuming it is not an item specified as non-returnable and is unopened), there is a 25% restocking fee. The restocking fee is calculated based on the listed price of the item at the time of purchase. Credits used on purchase do not reduce the restocking fee. This fee is the result of our supplier charging us to return items. 25%
Return If you receive a discounted price on an item due to buying it in a larger quantity, but one or more comes in damaged (as noticed by us), we will reorder the damaged quantity. If you wish to cancel the replacement, there is not a restocking fee or a removal of the discount. 0%
Return If you receive a discounted price on an item due to buying it in a larger quantity, returning any of them will result in a 25% restocking fee and removal of discount price. For example: if an item is $5 and you order 3 for $4 each and try to return two, the returned amount will be the initial $12 spent, minus the $5 item kept, minus the 25% restocking fee. Resulting in $5.25 back. Varies
Return If an item has been opened or it has been more than 30 days, it cannot be returned. N/A

We strive to provide satisfactory service and outcomes to all purchases. This site is provided as a means to better serve a larger group of people at lower prices than we could otherwise provide. The handling of conflicts will always be to the best of our ability, but the final decision of the resolution of a conflict is at our discretion. The terms of this site can be updated at any time.